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About Me


I am a psychotherapist providing individual psychotherapy, couples counseling, and child/family therapy in Los Angeles. I earned my Bachelor of Science degree from MIT and went on to obtain a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology with an Emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pepperdine University. 


I specialize in working with high achievers who strive for excellence in all aspects of their lives. Using evidence-based techniques and personalized approaches, I help my clients harness their innate strengths and overcome obstacles to unlock their full potential. My clients include physicians, CEOs, entrepreneurs, professors, and other driven individuals who want to optimize their mental and emotional wellbeing, deepen their relationships, and achieve their loftiest goals. Specifically, my clients learn how to: 

  • develop emotional resilience

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  • build distress tolerance

  • gain flexibility of thought 

  • challenge negative cognitive distortions

  • build a foundation of essential core habits

  • develop a strong sense of self and personal identity

  • learn effective communication skills to deepen and strengthen relationships

  • identify and overcome barriers that hinder personal and professional success 

  • gain insight into unconscious motives influencing behaviors and understand how these patterns affect relationships, careers, and overall wellbeing

These developed skills help my clients achieve the ambitious goals they have set for themselves. Through our therapeutic relationship, clients overcome obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their desired outcomes, whether that's improving their relationships, advancing in their careers, or overcoming their mental health struggles. Through therapy, my clients experience a transformative journey of self-discovery and growth, cultivating a deep sense of purpose and the skills to foster meaningful, supportive relationships that enrich their lives.

Utilizing evidence-based treatments and methodologies, within the context of recognizing the person as a whole and part of a greater system of family, work, and friends, my clients learn the tools and techniques to reach their ultimate potential. 

My practice is informed by my extensive clinical experience and my robust research, especially in the areas of ADHD, ASD, anxiety, OCD, neurodiversity, and twice-exceptional/highly-gifted adults and children. My work with high achievers and perfectionists is particularly informed by my extensive corporate career as a C-level executive and my career in investment banking and the entertainment industry. I help people develop the ways and means to unlock their highest potential. 

I provide online therapy for couples and online therapy for teens. I specialize in therapy for autism and therapy for autistic adults. If you're looking for teen counseling near me or a teen therapist near me, then my online therapy for teens is for you.  

My Training & Experience

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My Latest Research & Publications

My Research


Leila Pirnia is part of the Neurodiverse Couples Counseling Center and the Parenting Autism Therapy Center, both of which provide specialized therapy services for individuals, couples, and families.


We're a group of dedicated therapists who have come together to:

  • Treat the neurodiverse community with respect

  • Develop a robust set of tools to help neurodiverse couples and families

  • Approach neurodiverse healing from a strength-based approach

  • ​Understand that the trauma of past misunderstanding needs to be healed in a gentle way

  • Share best-practices for neurodiverse therapy amongst the team for client success

  •  Offer integrated therapy where both the couple and each partner can each have their own therapist; yet, the therapy is synchronized to achieve compatible goals

  • ​Our Clinical Director is Dr. Harry MotroPsyD, LMFT #53452 

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